Material Features:

The Ostrich leather we use is imported from Australia. Each of them has its own unique pattern. The texture on the ostrich leather cases randomly appears on the leather. Each case is made from different part of the leather, therefore none of the texture will share the same pattern.

The size of the pores on the leather differ from the age of the ostrich. The texture can be rougher or smoother too. The protuberant dots on the leather are the pores that were left behind after removing the feathers, which might have pervious holes left over.

About Color:

Due to the facts of the ostrich’s living environment, weather condition and age differences, the process of dyeing is minorly effected, which leads to a slight color difference on our products.

All of the photos were taken by our professional photographers, with lighting and various backgrounds. It is normal to have minor color differences between the photo and the actual products. The photos are for illustration purpose only.

Routine Care:

The Ostrich leather doesn't require routine nor special care due to its self-care feature.

After being used for a while, the ostrich leather becomes softer, smoother and brighter because there is a type of natural grease embedded in the leather. It can help to prevent cracking, hardening and drying, keeping the case soft and sturdy.
1. All leather products should avoid humidity. Too much moisture can grow bacteria to damage the leather. Leather should be stored in cool and dry area.
2. Avoid exposing under strong light or direct sunlight. Strong light will speed up the oxidation, resulting color and structure change on the leather.
3. Ensure enough storage room to avoid being crushed. Precaution of pests. (Please put paper cushion inside the case to keep the original shape, don't enclose in a sealed plastic bag)
4. DO NOT use perfume or other chemical liquids on the case.
5. Cleaning:
a) If the case gets wet, wipe the water on the surface with a soft and dry towel. Then place it in a cool and ventilated place. Or blow it with the cool air from a hair dryer.
b) Use the mixture of ammonia, alcohol and water to remove any oil stains. Then place it in a cool and ventilated place. (The mix rate for the ammonia, alcohol and water is 1:2:50.)