Material Features:

This leather is soft, feels smoother and more comfortable. It also has better looking and is wildly used on suitcases and clothing.

The wax-sealed first layer of cow leather contains no coating substance. It absorbs water and other liquid stains easily. Especially on the colored ones. It can get scratched easily, but has a self repair feature.
Routine Care

Genuine leather will fade through time. It can be restored by using leather
polish oil. DO NOT apply the shoe's polish oil on the case. In fact, it’s not
difficult to polish. Just put a little of polish oil onto the soft fabric and swipe
across the leather surface completely 1-2 times. This action is only required
every 2-3 years. It will help making the leather stay soft and shiny, and
prolong the usage period as well.



How to recover the scratches
1. Keep the lighter and the leather for a certain of distance. Make the scratched area warm up for a few seconds.
2. Use your finger to gently swipe across the scratch. The oil on your finger will make the scratch disappear.

1. Leather can be easily scratched by sharp objects. Try to isolate it with the hard objects.
2. Please avoid exposing at wet or raining situation. If there’s water on the surface, wipe it away with a clean towel immediately.